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The Only Icontest Devoted Entirely to Male Models
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Welcome to the first Icontest featuring the most gorgeous guys in the world. We felt that this was sorely needed and we hope you join and participate!

Important Notes:
» You are not required to enter icons for contests if you join.
» But it would be lovely if you voted.
» You must be a member to enter the contests and please vote even if you do not have an icon entered!!!!
» We welcome ALL levels of icon makers in this community. Please don’t be discouraged in any way from entering contests.

1. In order for the voting to start, three people must have entered an icon.
2. We don't allow drama or flaming. If you cause trouble in here, we’ll ban you.

1. Please, only members of the community may challenges.
2. When entering icons, please enter your icons in the comments of the theme announcement.
3. You may make up to 4 icons per contest.
4. Icons must be exclusive to this challenge.
5. Icons must be made using one of the photos provided.
6. Do not duplicate someone else's work, make your icons unique.
7. Icon must abide by LJ guidelines: no larger than 100x100 and 40kb or less.
8. Anyone caught posting other artists' icons to another community without permission and/or credit will be banned.
9. Don't post the icons anywhere else until the challenge has been voted on and awards have been given out.
10. Posts will be unscreened after voting commences. If you do not wish to share your icon, please note that in your icon submission comment.

1. You must be a member of LiveJournal to vote.
2. Do not vote for yourself.
3. Anonymous votes will not count.
4. Vote for your 4 favorite Icons.
5. Do not take icons without permission of the artist.

» Each challenge lasts one week.
» Friday: Challenge photos are posted.
» Tuesday: Voting begins.
» Friday: Voting ends.
» Friday-Saturday: Winners are announced and banners are presented.

Maintainers: girlboheme september_iconsllaynicorn
Mods: kater_hater socoldsoblack

If you have any questions, please email icontest {at} modelhommes.com

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